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(cage-works) is a San Diego-based manufacturer of UTV aftermarket products. Their mission is to provide extremely high quality UTV components at competitive prices. A user-friendly brand with the idea of bringing race inspired UTV products to the market they are dedicated to delivering products that provide customers with the best experiences. The company specializes in roll cages, roofs, windshields, bumper kits, suspension components, tire jacks and accessories for the popular Polaris side by side (SXS) line. Founded by Chad Ragland and Danny Gormican, their unique approach has quickly impacted the industry and established the company as the go-to leaders in the space. CageWrx brings proven off-road race technology and performance parts to UTVs while simultaneously providing fabricators, shops and customers “do it yourself” and completed solutions in the aftermarket product arena.

Chad Ragland has competed in many forms of racing and his competitive drive has helped him launch and run several successful businesses. When Chad started racing UTVs he got the idea to develop parts when he started modifying his own Polaris RZR XP1000. Chad quickly realized the machines had real performance potential by applying race-worthy parts. He wanted to apply the principles of custom Trophy Truck designs to his RZR. Back in 2007, Chad was running a Trophy Truck team and it was there that he first met Danny Gormican. Danny has designed and fabricated for top desert racing teams as well as vehicle aftermarket products. Both are off-road enthusiasts and motorcycle riders and it was a natural progression for them to embrace the new SXS that arrived on the market. They both enjoyed their new vehicles but saw a need in the market for something more. By combining their individual expertise from the Professional Motorsports industry CageWrx was born. Originally their focus was on the racing performance aspect but they quickly realized there was a bigger demand.

“We quickly began fielding calls from a variety of people and companies looking for us to build kits they could install on their own,” noted Ragland. “We realized that supplying the industry directly would enable RZR owners all over North America and globally to get easy access to a custom setup.”

As the UTV market explodes, people are searching for top quality products to customize their rigs. CageWrxis able to produce exact, consistent and affordable kits that ship complete with plans and online video instruction. Think customized race vehicle without the custom built price.

"Our customers are able to get a high quality, well designed product on demand and at a fraction of the price that a custom built part would cost," said Ragland.

CageWrx is able to engineer and manufacture high quality products based on their extensive knowledge in Professional Motorsports. They are recognized as a superior and innovative parts provider in the UTV aftermarket. All of their products are engineered to the highest standards using machinery and automated processes to maintain quality. By leveraging very sophisticated machinery - products are 100% CNC laser cut - and running production in large volume they are able to provide exceptional value to the customer. Ready to weld kits make it possible to put together in your own garage or by your local fabrication shop in a matter of hours. They also have a great Dealer Program in place offering new business opportunities and promoting growth in the UTV segment of the market.

“What sets us apart is the ability to provide extremely precise kits that allow for simple installment. It’s like building with Legos,” explained Gormican.

CageWrx™ and the UTV movement in general have come such a long way,” said Ragland. “We have had overwhelming success right from the beginning and I believe that it is attributed to the versatility of our products."

For more information about CageWrx™, visit www.cagewrx.com

About CageWrx™

Located in San Marcos, CA, CageWrx™ brings race inspired and proven aftermarket accessories to the UTV market while empowering DIY solutions for fabricators, shops and vehicle owners. Products include roll cages, roofs, windshields, bumpers and suspension components.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.cagewrx.com You can also visit CageWrx on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter @CageWrx


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