CageWrxâ„¢ About Us
Race inspired UTV cages and accessories

CageWrx was founded with the simple idea to bring race inspired UTV roll cages and accessories to the market at competitive prices. We utilize the latest in CAD design software run by industry professionals, so we can produce UTV parts that are higher quality at a great value. Our Roll Cages are designed to go together easily and without the need for grinding or additional work. They can be welded on the chassis itself eliminating the need for a separate fixture. Our Cage Kits come with keyed notches on all the tube junctions assuring perfect alignment. A qualified welder, a tape measure and some ratchet straps are all that are required to assemble our Cage Kits! We also sell race inspired suspension components built to Trophy Truck standards. These parts are bolt-on factory replacements with durability in mind. You will not find better designed and built suspension components for the UTV market.

We hope you share our passion for quality and find what you are looking for here at CageWrx.

Please contact us anytime with questions, concerns, comments, etc.

41680 Enterprise Circle S
Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 223-9118